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Suddenly Unable to Load When Streaming

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Once again, out of the blue, I cannot load movies for streaming without going through gyrations with very annoying adobe re-installations.  As each browser has its own adobe install requirements, I suddenly, out of the blue, can no longer stream tcm at all with either microsoft edge or chrome.  Only after enduring a lengthy re-install of adobe flash player, I can now stream with firefox only.  When I installed the new version of adobe flash player on firefox, two separate mcafee security software systems automatically installed at the same time even though I didn't want them, don't need them, and had to uninstall them.  Why all of these complications just to stream a tcm movie? Why am I repeatedly experiencing tcm loading issues when I pay my tv provider (verizon fios) very handsomely each month?  The last time I had a tcm streaming problem (last month), it was caused by, of all things, a microsoft windows 10 update, which I found very bizarre.  I believe that all of these loading problems are due to inadequate tcm technology for streaming movies, and it's getting more and more inconvenient and annoying.  Eventually, I just won't be watching movies on tcm any longer.  Another very annoying problem with tcm is that it offers absolutely no technical or customer assistance.  Doesn't tcm receive fees from several tv providers?  Why can't tcm provide any technical assistance to its viewers?   I'm fed up with all of these tcm streaming problems, especially when I am paying my tv provider excessive fees only to stream from tcm and from no other channel/network.

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I'm annoyed too. I used to have problems streaming TCM ( no problems streaming Netflix or Amazon) The screen would freeze or not even load. I thought they had ironed these problems out, since I've been able to stream them fairly successfully for the last year. Then the other night I tried to stream watch  live on my computer and was told that movie wasn't available to watch live on my device even though it was on my TV. Also I don't like the way they've changed on demand. You used to be able to watch most of the movies they showed  the next day on demand if you missed them. Now they are offering stuff that was on months ago and very few of the daily movies are streamable on demand. 


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