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GREAT Wrap- Up Podcast Week 3!

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Our professors were on fire in the 42 minute podcast on the 1950s.  It was like an NPR driveway moment. Very captivating with a lot of interesting points and much food for thought.   Favorite Dr. Ament point- about how men had to learn to live in civilized society again after the war.  Favorite Dr. Edwards moment-  his unabashed enthusiasm for the spectacle of the musical with words like "energy", "flamboyance", "epic" and the best one, "the screen crackles."  Made me wish I could have them both over for wine and a movie!

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I love the podcast!  I am a podcast addict - I am a mobile dog groomer so I listen to podcasts all day every day in my truck...sometimes 10 hours a day.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other movie-related podcasts.  I love You Must Remember This which tells stories of "Old Hollywood," but haven't found anything else quite like it. 

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