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The Lists in Wednesday's Lecture Notes gives the impression that the named Adapted Broadway Musicals, are all inclusive. One VERY noticable musical is missing from page 5, Broadway Slowed Down Its Flow To Hollywoo, From 1982-2017.

The Phantom of the Opera, 2004 

"Phantom" seems hard to overlook. The iconic Broadway Musical production is a quality and satisfying film adaptation. The film version is done with visceral storytelling, lavish sets, and a production that I think, came close to doing the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic justice, save for what I think was the terrible casting of Patrick Wilson as Christine's Courtier-come-Husband.  Gerard Butler, who played The Phantom on the London stage, is, well, Gerard Butler. Casically trained vocalist and actor, Emmy Rossum, portrays an impressively textured Christine. Her voice is angelic. Rossum is best known as Fiona on the former Netflix, now Showtime media property, Shameless, (1/11- Present, Season 8).   

Curated and reviewed by Terri Pieros

Googling Broadway Musicals, Film Adaptations, 1987-2017, because I am curious as to how slow the slowdown really was. Oops!

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