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A West Side Story remake?!!

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On 7/1/2018 at 9:16 PM, BreeInGilbertAZ said:

Why not remake Casablanca with modern language set against refugees from Syria or immigrants to our southern border with Coyotes? 🙄 The love song was set against a background of prejudice and hatred. WSS is essentially a modern Romeo And Juliet. Btw, it’s shown in high schools with gangs and STILL elicits emotional responses. If they were to remake it, perhaps include the ostracized LGBTQ 🏳🌈 community, constantly bullied, especially, those of us who are Transgender. Honestly, Spielberg would make this into a flop worse than his disastrous 1941.

What you're saying is quite true, BreeInGilbertAZ.   Teachers do show the film all the time.  I could see another movie that was done along the same overall theme as West Side Story, but not a re-make of it.  I don't understand the purpose of a re-make of West Side Story.  The best way to introduce it to younger viewers is to show the original film, not only in classrooms, but to periodically re-release it, on a national basis, in selected movie theatres.  

Steve Spielberg has done a number of wonderful films, but if he has as much affection for the 1961 film West Side Story as he claims to have, he'll leave this classic alone and go onto something else.

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