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  • Take a ride on this film! It rules!

    The key is Sir Cedric Hardwicke (though the whole cast does their job perfectly). He is famous from ROPE,

    and as the narrator of WAR OF THE WORLDS. But this is the role I love him for.

    One of those rare "period" films (set in circa 1913) that lets the period come alive in the performances.

    We KNOW these people, though they are in a different era than ourselves.



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So many great films with Sir Cedric Hardwicke. The Winslow Boy is certainly one of the best. Another of my favorites: 


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I also liked the 1999 version directed by David Mamet from his script based on Rattigan's play. Nigel Hawthorne and Gemma Jones played the parents and Jeremy Northam played the lawyer. PBS once showed a production of the play, but I don't remember details. You're right that it's a really good look at a particular era and it's always fascinating seeing justice being served against the odds.

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