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The Scarlet Hour (1956)

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I had to watch this after XhcnoirX posted about it in the Rate the Last Movie You Have Seen thread.  This film IS a surprise.  Director Michael Curtiz did a fantastic job with this.  Let me start off by saying i saw a bad copy of this on Youtube.  Its available at various small retailers online.  Like has been already explained,  Carol Ohmart and Tom Tryon play secret lovers behind the back off Ohmart's husband in the film who also happens to be Tryon's boss in the film.  They overhear a plot to rob a house while out on a secret lover's meetup and decide to ambush the robbers and use the loot to go off and live happily ever after.  Everything is going to plan until Ohmart's husband gets wise to their secret affair.

There are enough turns and twists in this to keep you on your toes.  The acting is first rate. The locations are first rate. My ONLY quibble with the film is that Tryon's part was tailor made for Farley Granger.  This is HIS type of film.  Tryon grimaced through the whole movie. I think he smiled, barely, in only one scene.  Farley would've done a better job with this.   Its still a superb film though and most people probably wouldn't be bothered by his performance. Nat King Cole is a added bonus to this film. Its a underrated must see. I rate this a 8 out of 10...


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This film needs a restoration. I reached out to Criterion about it last year.  I obviously don't know who owns the rights to the film.  I rank it solidly in the territory of Double Indemnity and a few others...

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