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It's movie heaven, 1961 style : SUSAN SLADE

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a GREAT teen/woman's film with all the cast, glamour and story any movie needs.

Best of all, we get to see TROY DONAHUE and CONNIE STEVENS rule the screen.

Serious, interesting, maddening, and fascinating---it is movie to the nth degree.

Don't miss this one.

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I really liked this film as well.  I love the 1950s/1960s teen melodramas.  Susan Slade does not disappoint.  It has everything you could possibly want from a melodrama.  I also really like the 1950s/1960s teen idols.  Not that I'm a teenager, but today's teen idols (and even the teen idols from when I was a teenager) are jokes.  James Darren and Ricky Nelson are my faves. 

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I'm crazy about " A Summer Place " and unfortunately I judge all these other Delmer Daves young love type movies against that movie.

And " Susan Slade" just doesn't really come up to it, worse than that it's kind of boring.

I don't think it's even as good as "Parrish", another Troy Donahue epic which was the last big screen role for Claudette Colbert.

Also, Delmer's European epic of young passionate love,  "Rome Adventure", which also stars Troy, is certainly better than both "Parrish" and "Susan". But it did have a little help from Rome, the hit record " Al Di La " and the reappearance of the brilliant actress Constance Ford from " A Summer Place", along with the solid acting of Suzanne Pleshette.

In all fairness, Connie Stevens' limited acting does hold the film back-- Warners was unable to make her a movie star.

Even though "Susan Slade" has to be the most formula- boring of the 4, it still has a lot of melodramatic fun. 

Troy is still mighty good to look and he has the most marvelous voice of his generation.

While old Lloyd Nolan carries this movie-- as far as he can. LOL

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