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Moonrise (1948)

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This is a recently released Criterion restoration.  The plot surrounds Dane Clark (Danny Hawkins) as a bullied kid who grows up and kills one of his tormentors in self defense.  As a adult he suffers from the trauma of what happened to his father and the resulting ridicule by the townsfolk where he grows up.  Dane finds solace out in the swamps with Mose (Rex Ingram) a former railroad brakeman who himself lives in the swamp to escape society.  Mose's main hobby is raising hunting dogs that he hires out for whoever needs them.  The plot also centers around Dane's relationship with Gilly Johnson.  Its a simple plot of redemption with both Mose and Gilly figuring prominently in Dane's redemption of what he did and what has been tormenting him.

The film itself looks gorgeous. Its one of the better films I've seen that heavily features swamp scenes.  There are long dull moments focusing on Dane and Gilly that drag the film down.  Whenever Dane goes out to visit Mose both he AND the viewer get a welcome reprive from those long dull moments.  The film got going pretty good during the last 1/3rd of it.  The ending was pretty good. Overall, I rate this a 6.5 out of 10...




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Gail Russell is a great fit as Gilly with her unique screen persona,  but yea,  the film would have benefited from tighter editing.   

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29 minutes ago, cigarjoe said:

Not worth buying this one should be free to view on Youtube.

It IS free to watch on Youtube.  I agree with the comment over at Sergio Leone board that questioned why Eddie Muller has this in his top 25 Film Noir.  Criterion even recently released this.  I've learned to not necessarily trust them also, lol...

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