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Gary Bauer, a grizzled veteran of the culture wars, articulated this view well in an interview with me recently: “You can’t have a competition if one party thinks it has to abide by one set of rules and the other side threw them out a long time ago. The idea that Republicans should follow the gentleman-like rules that prevailed in the 1950s while the left uses whatever tactics they can to advance their agenda is crazy.”





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Thug Robs Hotdog Stand At Gunpoint, Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Weiner:respect-040:Related image

Six Leftist Democrats Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump


More like a Freak of Nature -- This President is becoming GREAT !

The Great President Trump, it's only been 15 months, but look at all this . . .
● ISIS Gone in IRAQ
● Illegal immigration down 40%
● DJI up 6,500+ (Yes, even with the "OMG THE MARKET HAS DROPPED",
it's still up Yuge!)
● 3.3 Million+ jobs created already.
● Home builder confidence at a 15 year high
● Peace Breaking out in Korea
● Wages Rise at Strongest Pace in Nearly a Decade
● 4% economic growth forecast. (5% forecast by Larry Kudlow)
● Black unemployment at all time low
● Hispanic unemployment at all time low
● Women's wages at an all-time high
● Corporate profits at 13 year high
● Unemployment at 18 year low
● Iran BlTCH SLAPPED with Full Sanctions
● Freed 4 hostages from North Korea
● Reversed everything obama did except getting rid of obamashitcare, but that is coming soon

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Country Music Couple Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Call for Gun Control

Pro-Baby Murder NARAL Beclowns Themselves: ‘Repealing Net Neutrality Is a Direct Threat to Reproductive Freedom’

CoV8077b_bigger.jpgJames WoodsVerified account @RealJamesWoods
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James Woods Retweeted Jacob Wohl

He is a Muslim. He can deny it, his apologists in the media can refute it, and his enablers can promote a narrative that he is a Christian. It’s a pack of lies. Obama is a Muslim and that is where his allegiance lies. Always has. Always will.

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MUST LISTEN: Sen. Dianne Feinstein in a 1994 interview urging that we must secure our borders because illegal aliens compete for housing and classroom space. Do these problems no longer exist, Senator?


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