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Laughing my @$$ off to Laurel Hardy Abbott & Costello :D

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Ive been an Abbott and Costello fan forever, but after TCM aired Laurel & Hardy from the Hal Roach era, I never laughed so hard in a long while. I decided to, well ultimately I bought the Region 2 Laurel and Hardy 21 DVD set (its HUGE) and for my birthday my mom got for me the new Abbott and Costello complete universal box set (the one shaped like a treasure chest). Between L & H and A & C im literally laughing like crazy.

Both comedy teams are totally different. Costello and Hardy are the big bump/stuntmen of the groups. Hardy I think did more crazier stunts. Laurel wasnt the pushover as Costello is. There were times Laurel hit Hardy, but Abbott usually bellowed his voice to Costello who immediately succumbed to him.

There styles are so different. L & H let their actions do the talking, facial expressions, where A & C were more of a fast talking witty dialog type of team.

I wonder if L & H ever met A&C. L & H's career had gone downhill by the time A&C was picking up. Well, no matter, this thread I had to make because Im having such an incredible good time "****" I cant decide what to watch next half the time. They just dont do them like this anymore :D

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I'm with you H's. I grew up watching Laurel and Hardy on Friday nights on PBS and A&C movies every Sunday morning on WPIX-TV (NYC). I still lean towards Abbott & Costello. WPIX only had their Universal Studio movies (which was all but 5 or 6 of the 36 they made) and I probably watched each one at least 5 times. Their timing and dialogue were incredible:


Costello: "I'm not gonna marry a pretty girl. I'm gonna marry a homely girl."

Abbott: 'Why's that, Lou?"

Costello: "Well, a pretty girl's liable to run away."

Abbott: "Well, a homely girl's just as liable to run away."

Costello: "Yeah, but who cares?"


It's a shame these movies aren't shown on a regular basis somewhere.

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One thing I took away from watching each team was their on screen relationship. They were, to me, quite different. This may have had to do with their off screen relationship but not so sure.


L&H despite their frustrations with each others characters were always loyal and best pals.Hardy would boil to the point where you would think he couldn't stand another minute with Laurel but he knew that he was his most loyal friend. They were often more loyal to each other than to their movie wives. The depth of the friendship adds humor because nothing will separate them. Off screen they were good friends. Stan did most of the work. Ollie played golf. That arrangement suited them both.


A&C always struck me, funny as they were, as being together out of necessity, Their loyalty seemed born out of need more than desire. If it makes sense Abbott put up with Costello. Their wasn't the underlying love that L&H shared. My understanding was A&C were not that close and at one time had a big falling out. I saw a "This Is Your Life" episode for Lou where Bud came on as a guest. He came out just like any old high school friend would have. It must have hurt Bud since he was such a big part of Lou's career to be treated in such a mediocre way. Bud even acknowledged a problem between them, hoped it was over and was shuttled off to the couch. Too bad.


Of the two I much prefer L&H.

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Bud & Lou did have a falling out more than once. The first time was during the movie called *Little Giant* where neither have scenes together. And I think they were still not getting along during the *Time of their Lives* (both the movie and come to think of it literally)

A&C complimented each other really well, its a shame they were not as close as one might think. After A&C met the Mummy they split and Lou did the 30 Foot Bride of Cherry Rock and well then he died.

L&H seem much closer & they were together much much longer than A&C - that I can see already. Over 20 years (silents to the 1950s)

I used to think their styles were the same, but they are not. Laurel was less a pushover than I thought and Hardy took some amazing stunts with crashing buildings, brick buildings. Costello also did his share of wild stunts, but Costello also had the witty faster paced humor and great one liners.Hardy looked into the camera much more often and found L&H have better facial expressions (probably due to the silent era where a face made 1000 words if you know what I mean)

The only similarity I noticed is they all walk into doors and walls and so forth.

I watched *Way Out West* last night & that movie kills me with Hardy's head getting twisted around & pulled up. Laurel using his thumb as a matchstick..

Hilarious stuff :) !!


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From what ive read,A & C's relationship wasnt that bad..Yes they had their fights but that is to be expected..considering how long they worked for Stan & Ollie- that was a bit different. Bud & Lou saw each other a lot...they performed live constantly as well as doing their radio shows, movies and tv programs. In contrast, Stan & Ollie-during their heyday only did their films...Stan was involved behind the scenes and Ollie was not. After filming was done, they went their separate ways. the two of them didnt really become close friends untill their later years when they did personal appearances together. So the circumstances were very different.

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