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Same Name - No Relation

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I had an idea for a new thread after seeing part of "Ivanhoe" recently on TCM. It starred Robert Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor, who were not related. Taylor was not his original name. I started thinking about other celebrities who had the same last name, but were not related. Here is how this thread will work: I will start by posting two or more first names of celebrities that have the same last name. If you know that last name, then reply to the post with the answer. Then post your own choice of two or more first names of celebrities with the same last name. They do not have to have ever worked together, but if they did, please go ahead and mention what they were in together. Only a couple of rules. They cannot be related. That would be too easy. So, no Marx brothers, no Barrymores, no Fondas, etc. And, the last names must be spelled the same. So, you can't have James Dunn and Irene Dunne. For instance, if I said Robert and Elizabeth you could reply Taylor. Don't say Montgomery because they were father and daughter. And then post two or more other names like Steve and Butterfly. The next poster would say McQueen and then post two or more of their own choosing. Because of some unique first names, some will be easy. I'm sure, however, that some folks on these boards like a little challenge and may post some more obscure names. That's OK. Let's see how long we can keep the thread going! Here we go:


Stewart and Farley

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Mae and Ken


BTW: Claude Rains and Ella Raines don't count -- the rules are that the last names have to be spelled the same.


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Suzanna and Michael.

(Actually seeking the same response as when I entered "Michael and Jeff'".)

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