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help me figure out this movie's title

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I saw this movie a long time ago and loved it, but I can't remember who was in it or the name. So here goes my explanation of what I do remember. The plot for the movie: there was this young girl who was in trouble. She ended up being helped out by this playboy who ended up marrying her to help her out. He had to stay married to her for a period of time, but during this time he moved out of his apartment. She was looked after by his best friend. She then tried to become like the playboy's ex-girlfriend. Well towards the end of the movie she went to a diner to eat pickles and ice cream. Someone saw her eat the strange combination and assumed she was pregnant. This guy then called the playboy and congratulated him on soon becoming a father. The playboy, who could not be the father, then realized how much he liked the girl and then assumed his best friend got her pregnant. He hit his best friend, but his best friend promised it wasn?t him. She ended up not being pregnant and they lived happily ever after. So does this sound familiar to anyone?

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The Movie you are describing is "SUSAN SLEPT HERE" with Debbie Reynolds, Dick Powell and Ann Francis, released in 1954! This is a highly enjoyable semi-musical comedy which even produced a very popular pop standard "Hold My Hand" by Don Cornell.

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