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"The Great Flamarion" TCM Premere Did you See It?

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I saw the movie it was a good 78 minutes well spent

Mary Beth Hughes as the bored wife was excellent wish i had taped it. She used her feminine wiles to the degree

that would drive a man insane!

and in ERICH VON STROHEIM'S case she did!

Just to see Erich's portrayal of the jilted suitor is worth the price of admission in my opinon. My heart went out to him as he waits and waits in his hotel suite (The bridal suite no less) such irony!.........

The women never shows up.Anthony Mann directed this gem

to perfection !....

Thanks for the good print TCM & the premere .......

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I saw it & thoroughly enjoyed myself. Seems like we're seeing more and more TCM premiers here lately & I couldn't be more happier.


TCM has become very much like fine wine.....its getting better with age.

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