best romantic comedy ever?

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A lot of great titles here. One I enjoy that I have not seen listed is Blake Edwards' 10 (1979). A lot of people only remember it for Bo Derek running in slow motion on the beach, but overall the movie has a lot of depth. Just look at the 3 minute scene of Dudley Moore playing a Henry Mancini piano piece in one long take... gets me every time...

Dudley Moore and Peter Cook were such "fun" in Stanley Donen's "Bedazzled".

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This pick may be more sentimental romance than romance-comedy; but it nonetheless is my fave.

Its a WWII British flick called 'Vacation from Marriage' (alt title, 'Perfect Strangers')

Stars: Deborah Kerr and Robert Donat; plus Glynis Johns. Tender and light; but with meaning and depth. Only a bare few comedic moments but stays with one a long time.

Donat and Kerr play a mousy, listless, drab little couple until suddenly WWII intervenes. Their housing flat is bombed; and the War Office calls each of them up and sends them off into opposite services. Separately, they each struggle to cope...missing each other at first..and then they begin to thrive. New romance blooms for each of them. Each of them wonders whether they want to return to their old life before the war. Life seems to be pulling them apart. Then they meet randomly at a chance party; not even recognizing each other...

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