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Vibes (1988) - Finally comes to DVD - Thank's "Martini Movies"!

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*_Vibes_ (1988) - At the urging of an eccentric, two mismatched psychics team up for a mysterious mission to find a lost city of gold in Ecuador.*


It's an "Indiana Jones" or "Romancing the Stone"-style adventure that's designed to showcase pop-rocker Cyndi Lauper in her first big-screen feature film.


*I remember seeing Vibes back in the 80's ....Now through the years it has became an OOP "Curio Piece"......A film in which Cyndi Lauper ..tired to make an acting career! (& people thought Madonna couldn't act!)...& well put it this way the film vanished & became a cult film.*



( _In a twist_ - Despite the poor box-office results of Vibes and the generally poor reviews for her performance, Lauper would go on to earn an Emmy award for a guest stint on TV's Mad About You and appear with Christopher Walken in the indie drama _The Opportunists_ (2000).



Vibes isn't a great movie. Heck, it probably isn't even a good one. Not even a "Classic" film.

But it made me laugh consistently throughout, and that's worth something, especially for a film that embraces tongue-in-cheek camp.



Along for the kooky ride are: Jeff Goldblum, B-Movie actor Julian Sands & Peter Falk!



Now thaks to the second wave of films Sony just released that they're calling "Martini Movies", we can now see this curious gem. (& people thought _Shanghai Surprise_ (1986) was bad!).



Hmmm ... _Shanghai Surprise_ (1986) is better!



"Vibes" is produced by Ron Howard and scripted by "Happy Days" and "Laverne & Shirley" alums Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, who also co-wrote "Spies Like Us," "Splash" and "Night Shift." And it's directed by Ken Kwapis--yes, the same Ken Kwapis who directed 11 episodes of "The Office."



So these people know what they're doing, and they're not giving us sophisticated comedy.



I remember when the film came out in theaters it was a huge critical and commercial failure.











*The martini recipe on the Vibes DVD is for the _Abracadabra Martini_:*




1 shot tequila


1 shot apricot brandy


2 shots lemon juice


2 shots lychee juice.






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Actually Cyndi Lauper was nominated for an Emmy for her appearance on Mad About You.

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Wait I didn't read your whole post. You allready mentioned her Emmy nomination. Sorry about that..

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