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Voice talents

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Ever wonder what happened to those people like Rich Little who can imitate famous actors? I saw this on another network and it just blew me away. You see ever since they have been putting films on DVD, the rights holders have been going through there vaults trying to make the films they make available to the **** as well as networks such as this one complete as possible. But as you know time is crue to older films and sometime stuff gets lost due to time. Sadly some films do get lost, others it's the soundtrack, that where voice talents step in. Through both there skill and a little electronic magic they can sound like those actors and what has been lost can be replaced.

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> {quote:title=mr6666 wrote:}{quote}

> Is it because the newer crop of actors just don't have that distinctive voices or personalities as those from the older era?


That would be my guess.

Can you imagine a routine of impressions of Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Wil Smith and Keira Knightley?.....I love George Clooney, but an impression of him? Doubt it.


I recall the Dick Cavett interview with Bette Davis where she instructed how to imitate herself. "First you hold your cigarette like this and wave your arm around." People back then used gestures and spoke in a more expressive way, creating a distinct "personality".


People today have toned down to blandness for the most part. I adore picking out old gestures in films you never see any more; raising and shaking a fist, slapping a palm with the back of the other hand, even rubbing the face in dispair.

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