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Results of a TCM viewers poll-All-Time Favs.

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(*-Indication of ACADEMY AWARD victory) 1st of all I had posted this article a couple of yrs. ago. It was from a survey from mid 2001. (NOTE: To editing team & Mr. TCM himself: Robert 0sborne & or Ben Mankiewicz, plus a semi new addition>he's from another country, but stated he worked for this network & can be seen on topic of above new weekend host: Ben Mankiewicz-check it out & you'll see whom I mean) These were the results of a lil' poll of onliner(s) right here-(several are likely gone by now & most are still with us on this, the MT. SUMMIT of Hollywoods Golden Age & Studio-System networks/websites!!!) I am urging you gals & guys to conduct another similar poll/survey of same-(especially since soo-many heavyweights passed away last yr.)

This poll from early to mid 01 was not as scientific as it could have been, so please TCM lets do it again! Because for another reason, I'd also enjoy seeing these fans fav. filmmakers. Something missing from poll 3yrs. back?

Heck, AFI does 1 every year nowawdays? & the superb magazine: "Films of the Golden Age"-(offspring of: "Classic Images" also conducted 1 around same time. However, they neglected to vote for performers? And, now especially in accordance with superb new "Motion Picture Hall-of-Fame"-(to check that site out:


TCM viewers poll of all-time favorites in the motion pictures>(majority of winners, done by number of votes per candidate in these very forums,etc)


(COPY, SAVE & COMPARE WITH: "AFI" "MPHOF" "Sight & Sound"-(where "Kane," got it's rep. in it's 1962 survey) Or even "FOGA" & of course your own favourites)


TCM fans all-time top 5 favorite pictures:

1. "Singin' In the Rain" (1952) (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) (Director: Kelly & Donen)-(Top 3 very close)

2. "The Wizard of 0z" (1939) (M-G-M) (D-Fleming)

*3. "Casablanca" (1943) (Warner Bros.) (D-Curtiz)

*4. "GWTW" (also from that justifiably legendary year of 1939!) (*Selznick/M-G-M) (D-Fleming)

& 5th. "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) (RKO Radio) (D-Capra)-(NOTE: Another reason for a similar poll. Citing more than five & also, including fans whom only watch the network & are not online. They can snail-mail next time)


(P.S. "AFI's 100 years...100 Movies"-(1998) winner: "Citizen Kane" missing here?)


TCM fans all-time 5 fav. motion picture actors:

1. *James Stewart...(1908-97)

2. Cary Grant......(1904-86)

3. *Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957)-("AFI's 100yrs... 100 Stars"-(1999) winner as No. #1 all-time male star)

4. *Spencer Tracy...(1900-67)

& 5th Fred Astaire....(1899-1987)


(P.S. yet another reason for another survey. I've personally noticed a growing popularity for: William Powell on these forums, since over 3yrs ago!?)


TCM fans all-time 5 fav. motion picture actresses:

1. *Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003)-(Also "AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars" voted A No.1 all-time actress)

2. *Ginger Rogers....(1911-95)

3. *Audrey Hepburn...(1929-93)

4. *Bette Davis......(1908-89)

& 5th Barbara Stanwyck (1907-90)-(P.S. TCM Host: R. 0sborne's all-time fav. actress. At same period, he was under handle of: Joy! & for those whom may be interested. Osbo's favorite movie was at that time anyway: "Razor's Edge" (1946 version) & his favorite movie actor ever: *"The King of Hollywood: Clark Gable!")


(NOTE: again, yet another reason-(& it's up to you fans to nag!? For another superior survey. Myrna Loy-(alias: Nora Charles) like 14 time co-star W. Powell, is more often named by fans than ever before?)


Thank you & please check out those other phenomenal sites. "MPHOF,' even has a newsletter & will be naming it's 1st section of winners this June 15th. Then at final of the year, it's finalists!) & to my dear pal ML, "Sight & Sound" is only a U.K. magazine, however it's every ten year poll of critics & directors are global. If you dig further, you'll even see: Martin Scorsese naming his fav. movies)



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For what may well be the 1st time on these forums/site,etc I am very dissapointed in you fans! I don't understand why not a sole even wanted to attempt & have TCM conduct a more up to date poll than this over 3 year old one?

As many I personally know from this grand site, have even said many a time. A more up to date survey of it's fans-(generally the most Golden Age knowledgable on the internet) that a newer 1 should be in order mostly due to last yrs. record breaking yr. of deaths within the industry-(P.S. It pretty-much started the ball rolling this time last yr. too, when *Gregory Peck was the first of the heavyweights to go & within that weekend: *Katharine Hepburn & on & on it went!) Also, I believe TCM dropped the ball without listing filmmakers/directors as well? Anyway, thought you gals & guys would want to try & get 'em to have a more official & scientific poll.

Remember friends, STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

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I sorry I didn't respond to your earlier post but I couldn't really tell, even in reading through it again now, what you were looking for. It seemed to be a request to TCM to conduct another on-line poll, something none of "us" could really do. Perhaps you were looking for our support to your request, I still don't know. Though I enjoy reading your contributions, I do find them challenging to read and understand at times.


That being said, I think it would be great if TCM had a polling capability on these boards. What fun that would be! Re: the threads that we've had here, Crawford vs. Davis et al, though fun to read and participate in, getting a sense of "who's leading the race" is problematic at best. There is better technology available on other websites I frequent where measuring the audiences' preferences is easier to do. And, although TCM does conduct polls throughout this site, they're not tied to these message boards and I frequently miss seeing them (and their results!).


One last thing. Given that the TCM viewer poll you've mentioned is an all-time favorite one, I'm not sure that the results would change significantly year-to-year since we're talking about classics here. Although the makeup of the audience may shift slightly and there are a few (very few?) newer films to consider, I'd expect the results (like AFI's list) to remain pretty much the same with very few exceptions. Don't you?

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Dear Spencer...I'm really sorry, but I did write a reply to your first message in this thread. Unfortunately I hit the wrong button and it wasn't posted, and upon realizing my mistake I honestly didn't have the time and energy to start all over again. There's just so MUCH going on in our Forums, and also in my e-mail box that also takes my time (almost too much of it recently) every day.


I did agree that if TCM's last Poll was in 2001 (did you say?), that it would be kind of nice if they would do one every year for just us TCM viewers. I also mentioned that I believe it was Mongo who more recently did run a "poll", and many of us here did respond to it. I can no longer remember it's Title, or the Forum it was in. Perhaps you missed this poll?


Please don't be disappointed in the fans at this site because this particular thread didn't get a lot of replies.


I also have to agree with Path that most of us do keep tabs on the Polls that AFI, IMDb, and several other good sources conduct on a regular basis. I appreciate the time you take to submit all of your messages to us, and I do hope that you will continue to submit them, even if there are only a few of us who faithfully reply to you. :)ML

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Good to see Barbara Stanwyck on the list but sorry to see that Joan Crawford didn't make the top 5.



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