What is your favorite Three Stooges short?

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I really don't see any way I could pick one.  Even going through this thread I wanted to "LIKE" every post because every one of them was correct.  I just don't see it happening.  The only thing I can say is that the shorts get a little weaker as they progress through Shemp's tenure.  I love Shemp, but the repeated stories and gags, even with some new twists, begin growing stale.  I will still watch them repeatedly and still recommend the whole run.  I am just saying that time is when they begin getting a little weaker; going from scores of "A" to "B".  ?  And I definitely say that the original stories with Shemp are grade "A", and even some of the repeated plots as well.  It is just as you go through all of them in order the repeated plots and gags aren't always good enough to give an "A" grade to.  They are just mildly enjoyable instead of laugh-out-load funny.

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