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Separate Tables

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I got such a kick out of hearing Robert Osbourne's statement about how David Niven was the one to win the Oscar as far as the actors were concerned in this particular movie. Especially seeing this great big dramatic role that Lancaster gave. It was no surprise to hear he was part of the production of this movie. His game time was quite a bit longer than Nivens. And yet Niven was just as cool as can be, and was the one who that baby!!!

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oh stupid me i posted and did not log in beforehand, how aggravating anyway as i was some of you may already know David Nivens was the one at the microphone when the infamous streaker ran across the oscar stage and Nivens displayed an abiltity to deal with things under pressure. Liz Taylor followed him and she could not speak without a nervous twitter{as i would have and i don't know if i could have went out on that stage} to her voice and she says i'm really nervous that really shook me up. Nivens though said after the streaker exited and he let out an antonished laughed he said well ladies and gentleman that was bound to happen sooner or later but isn't it ironic that the biggest laugh that man ever got was for showing his shortcomings. the oscar audience roars. After listening to Bob tell me about seperate tables i tried to watch it but couldn't get into it and changed the channel

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