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LOVE NEST is a pleasant, albeit innocuous comedy released in 1952 and stars June Haver and William Lundigan and pre-super star Marilyn Monroe in a small role. FOX released this one, only because of Monroe. But, the main reason for owning this film is the running commentary by its director, 94 year old Joseph M. Newman. I am not readily familiar with his work only the cult film THIS ISLAND EARTH. His memory is so sharp its amazing for a man his age. His career spans the silents through the 60s and TV. He states he worked with Lubitsch and Cukor among others and his was the assistant director on THE WOMEN directing the fashion sequence. For some reason FOX opted to interrupt Newman's fascinating commentary with another commentary by a gentlemen who had written about Monroe in a book. I felt most of his talk was pure drivel and he adds nothing new to the Monroe mystic. Why they didn't let Newman keep talking through the entire fim is puzzling. However, Newman's commentary picked up again towards the end of the film. For anyone who is interested in movies from the golden age, it is worth purchasing this DVD. I bought it for a mere $8.64 from DeepDiscountDVD.

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