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?X-Men Origins: Wolverine? To Premiere Early In Tempe, AZ

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*I know this isn't "Classic" film news...but this is special to me and all of us here in Phoenix,. Arizona!!*



*?X-Men Origins: Wolverine? To Premiere Early In Tempe, AZ*




*After weeks of fierce internet battling and viral campaigning, the epic competition to win an ?X-Men Origins: Wolverine? screening has ended. The dust has finally settled and the Top 10 cities have been whittled down to one ? and that lucky town is Tempe, Arizona.*


Tempe narrowly edged out a pool of competitive cities from all across the nation, including Philadelphia, PA; Hastings, NE; and Austin, TX. In the end, it was Davis, California, that proved to be the Sabretooth to Tempe?s Wolverine ? but as the two cities duked it out head-to-head, Hollywood?s northerly neighbor found itself on the business end of Tempe?s clawed fist.


The spoils of war are far more grand than a simple viewing of ?X-Men Origins: Wolverine.? In addition to screening the movie almost a week prior to its release, Tempe will see the arrival of Wolverine himself, actor Hugh Jackman. The onscreen Logan promised to bring several of his ?friends and enemies? from the upcoming superhero feature, though no names have been officially announced.


Even though the proverbial X has officially landed on Tempe, the waiting game continues. Tempe?s special April premiere on April 27 is just a few short days away ? but for a city that has waged war across miles and miles of road and internet, that wait could feel like a lifetime.


For everybody else, the more interesting date will be April 28th. That?s when the non-Arizonians will hear the fan perspective on just how good the new ?Wolverine? movie really is ? and how much it really differs from the leaked version of the film.


Who out there plans on making the pilgrimage to Tempe, Arizona, for the ?X-Men Origins: Wolverine? premiere? Let us know your plans in the comments section!

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