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Who is the coolest captain in the movies?

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Captain Peoples, as played by Wendell Corey in Carbine Williams, which they just showed, was also a pretty cool captain. I love Corey when he plays villains, but he was pretty good in this one too.

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Captain Kirk is cool- Captain Morgan is not-

Kirk cared about his crew and showed compassion and love for everyone,

unless you ticked him off-

kinda like my dad-and that got him respect-

Captain Morgan is the tyrant type, total a-hole-, no respect-

Captain Kirk had a Star Ship and was best friends with a Vulcan superman-

how cool can u get- Captain Blood-well hand to hand combat aborad ships is probably the most inense and hard to stage etc, and none did it better than Sidbad/Mr Fairbanks Sr is my pick

but, unfortunetly I couldn't hear a word he was saying...


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I miss Captain Kangaroo-rerunning wood be a good idea- good values etc-

Question is in the movies-did Bob make a movie?

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