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Trying to find this movie

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First of all, thanks for all the great movies at TCM. This is THE favorite channel I have on cable today!


My question:

when I was a kid I watched a very interesting mystery black and white movie (now I don't recall if this was because my TV set was b/w or if the movie itself was b/w). I have trying to find it forever.


The movie features a person who claims to be the brother of a woman. She is convinced that he is not. He tries everything possible to convince her that he is. Until finally, she admits that he could not be her brother as ....well, I can't spoil the ending.


There is an unusual afterword to the movie to where someone (perhaps by the director) appears and asks the audience not to reveal the ending to future potential viewers.


And of course I won't. ...


I've talked to my kids about it but I've never managed to actually show this to them. Can you help??


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Oooooh I hate it when I can't remember the name of a great movie, which I can't here.


But - I can say that this one IS on TCM, with the ending where the director asks not to reveal the ending. Not only that but TCM has also played the trailer for it where they also ask folks not to reveal the ending after seeing it. I am drawing a complete blank right now because I was just reading the Double Indemnity thread and that keeps popping into my head but that's not it.


I'm new to this site (although I've been an avid TCM fan for years) there may be a way to find it here. Not sure if you can search for the trailers they play in between the features, but that might be a short list for you to look for.


Good luck, and if I think of it, I'll happily get an answer up here.

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This will be moved to "Information Please". There will be a better chance of having your question answered with the great knowledgeable TCM fans of the community. :)

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I think the movie you are inquiring about is 1945's "The Strange Affair Of Uncle Harry" starring George Sanders. The plot is a tad different then what you are describing but is it a brother/sister mystery and the end titles ask to not reveal the ending to family and friends!


I just happened to watch this about 2 weeks ago so it was fresh in my mind!


I hope that helps,


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Nameless Drifter and tomagain77:

I looked up the movie "The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry" (1945 - Universal) in a movie Trade Paper publication I have called "The Exhibitor", as it gives detailed plot descriptions in its reviews. I thought this would be a good way to confirm if this is the movie being asked about in the original post.

So, from page 1768 of the August 22, 1945 issue, here is the story:

And, as they say, SPOILERS AHEAD!


All that remains of one of a small town's oldest families are two sisters and their brother, Harry Quincey (George Sanders), who lives a sheltered existance with the two women, and who is also the support of the family through his designing job at a local factory. The sisters, Hester Quincey (Moyna MacGill), a widow, and Lettie Quincey (Geraldine Fitzgerald), a deliberate invalid with a burning love for Harry, quarrel continuously over minor things. One day, Deborah Brown (Ella Raines), a representative for the local mill, arrives and she and Harry take a mutual liking to one another. Eventually romance blossoms forth, much to Lettie's dismay, who tries to break up the romance with various and petty tricks. After their engagement, Harry and Deborah announce marriage plans, and this too is held up by jealous Lettie on one pretext or another. Finally, as they are about to leave for New York, Lettie gets one of her convenient heart attacks. When Deborah forces Harry to choose between them, he chooses to remain with his supposedly ill sister. Deborah returns to New York. Upon her departure and her rumored marriage to someone else, Lettie recovers remarkably, and tries to regain Harry's love, but now he understands that it was because of her that he lost Deborah. One night, he discovers a vial of poison that Lettie used to kill Harry's elderly dog, although she informed him that the beloved animal died naturally. As he falls asleep, he dreams that he uses the poison in a drink intended for Lettie, but instead it goes accidentally to Hester. Because of an earlier quarrel with Hester, and the fact that she bought the poison, Lettie is tried for the murder of her sister, and is convicted. It is then that Harry becomes remourseful, and tries to save her from hanging, but she prefers to die, and, in doing so, torture Harry. Since no one believes his confession, he is forced to see her go back to her cell, and await her doom. It is then that he is awakened by the return of Deborah with Hester, and he immediately leaves for New York with her without even stopping to say goodbye to Lettie or pack a bag, upon hearing that Deborah's would-be marriage didn't come off.


Reviewer's comments:

Here is a well-made psychological drama that should do well at the boxoffice with a concentrated selling campaign. Performances of the cast as a whole are tops, as are the production of Joan Harrison and the direction of Robert Siodmak, although the insertion of the dream sequence is rather confusing. Suspense and interest are well-maintained throughout, and the whole effort shapes up as okeh film fare. Musical interludes include such numbers as "The Quilting Party", "Abide With Me", and "When I Die".


This movie was also known as "Uncle Harry", the title under which this review appeared.


Here is the IMDb entry, including the cast listing:


Well, I hope all this info will confirm whether or not this is the title you've been seeking.

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Definitely not the 60's but the 70's.


Spoiler ahead:


I do recall that the title sequence had a chase motif to it: as if to denote that a man was chasing a woman and vice versa....


At one point in the movie, the murderer (murderess?) is taken by the detective in a fast motorcar ride across town. He tries to prove that he is a great driver as the person he claims to be happened to be one.


The final scene has the detective in a room begging the woman to accept his claim. And finally she says "you can't be him...because I killed him". At this point, the detective goes to the phone, facing camera, with the woman in the background, and calls the police. He identifies himself on the phone as a detective...


Fade to black and ... the director comes out and asks the audience not to reveal the ending.


Anyone out there know this? C

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