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Robert H. Harris' finest hour ... and 13 minutes.

Harris plays a makeup artist who specializes in monsters; the Teenage Werewolf and Teenage Frankenstein are his creations. Two suits barge into his office and give him the axe, claiming the horror cycle is over. Naturally, Harris is not thrilled. In short order, one of the executives is offed by a werewolf, and the second is done in by the Frankenstein monster. Harris also gets in on the act by disguising himself as a cavemen and whacking a nosy security guard.

This film is a must for buffs. Besides a load of familiar faces (Morris Ankrum, Tom Browne Henry, Robert Shayne), we see Gary Conway reprise his role as the Teenage Frankenstein. Gary Clarke replaces Michael Landon as the Teenage Werewolf. Harris works for American International Studios, which produced this film. And in the climax (the last ten minutes are in color), we see some of Harris' "children," which you will recognize from various American International productions.

The only low point is when John Ashley, playing himself, croons the ever-popular "You Gotta Have Ee-Ooo." This is a good time for a bathroom break.

Here, Harris shows Paul Brinegar some cooking tips for Brinegar's gig in "Wagon Train"

And you thought it was annoying when cell phones went off in the theater

In the film's only h o m o -erotic scene, Gary Conway (right) and Paul Maxwell lock up,
collar and elbow

John Ashley, showing the singing talent that made him a TV producer of such fare as
"The A-Team"

Walter Reed violating Paul Brinegar's civil liberties

The man of the hour, surrounded by his "children"

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Another excellent choice! Thanks. Maybe I can see why Harris was never a top star for acting ability alone, but here again is a perenial character actor who takes on the leading role quite well in a not-great film.


As for the "only low point"... yes, there's a Jed Clampettian wisdom that I'm reminded of: "lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut."


When our favorite fan-filmmakers get their big break, I hope they'll use you to design lobby art and the ad campaigns. Great screen-pix, great captions!

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> {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote}

> Rich, so many bad movies, so little time!


I know. Early retirement is looking more attractive to me.

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Ha! Me too.


I was going to watch CORRIDORS OF BLOOD, but I hear that's actually pretty good, lol.


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Thanks for the nice reminder of a movie I haven't seen in way too long. I think it's time we saw this on TCM with the color part all nicely restored.


And you're so right about guys such as Morris Ankrum and Thomas Browne Henry being in so many of these types of films!

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Thomas Browne Henry! Thanks for that name. Another constant in the universe of solid character actors.


I wonder how much forgiveness I donate to bad films simply because of TB and Ankrum and so many others?


I was watching "SCSU's" BLOOD FREAK and this is SUCH an awful film. I kept wondering if those older character actors would have improved my watching experience. They certainly couldn't have hurt it.


But without these familiar faces, the '70s so-called horror films (definition - "a horror for the audience to sit and endure") were far more 'endurance test' than fun to watch. Then again, I've seen some of John Agar's last films, and ugh, not even he could save those.

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