Gregory Peck's grandson is the new Spock

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14 minutes ago, spence said:

DARGO, not trying to make fun, to each his or her their course. THERE ARE ONLY ABOUT 10 OTHERS THATWOULD WITHOUT PAIUSE CITE *"THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: FRANCIS (Albert) SINATRA (l9l5-98) As my close runner-up HERO, IDOL:, the works  Thgough no fan of *SINATRA when he first got to HOLLYWOOD & weighed in at approx. 125lbs & was 5'8 & 1/2, it';s not his height, but just too skinny. Wasn' around exactly after his s. actor *Oscar as Maggio in the 8 time sweeper *FROM HERE TO ETERNITY-(*Harry Cohn& Columbia  AKA: Poverty Row, Germ of the Ocean,metc) You were punished by having to work there-(LOOK UP *GABLE & HAVING TO DO*IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT?>


But, please reply about Miss Day? (TRIVIA & PLEASE NO LOOKING IT UP ON THE PHONE,etc What was Day's sole shot at an actor & her fans were upin aems when she did not make the best actress race for 1955's LOVE ME OIR KEAVE MNE (MGM) ***1/2)  MAN, *CAGNEY WAS UTTERLY DINAMIC & ATRE STORY  House still standing on Tinsel-Town area

Hi, spence. Actually, I have to admit I'm nowhere near as big a fan of Doris' as Eddie Muller claims to be in these little fillers TCM is showing between films lately, and so you're probably directing your question to the wrong guy here. However, I'm pretty sure her one nomination came for her role in Pillow Talk, if I recall correctly.

( see, I only jokingly mentioned Miss Day earlier and in reply to CaveGirl's "Bushel N. Peck" pun because as I also recall, her version of "(I Love You) A Bushel and a Peck" is probably the most widely known and remembered one)

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21 hours ago, sewhite2000 said:

Actually in the new movies Quinto's Spock was having a hush-hush sexual relationship with Zoe Saldana's Uhura.

...What would Nurse Chapel think??  😮

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10 hours ago, EricJ said:

So, this's the evil Mirror-Universe one, with the beard?

Either that or he's been away from Starfleet for a long, long time.

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On 8/15/2018 at 4:14 PM, Fedya said:

Better than Lorna.

Kinda silly to go on about.  I'm sure there are worse names, And in the movie "biz" there certainly were odder and sillier----  like.....




GREER....  ?

I mean, how many other women did anyone here ever PERSONALLY know or know OF with those names?

Besides, My wife told me once that back in the "day", she dated a guy named "Profirio"! :o

So then what's so bad about ETHAN?  ;)


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For the record, Meryl is a nickname. She was born Mary Louise Streep. But she acknowledged on a 2015 episode of "The Graham Norton Show" that she disliked the name Meryl for years.


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