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David Guercio

The Ghost And Mrs Muir

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The Essentials don,t happen to be coming back tomorrow night with The Ghost And Mrs Muir do they?  If so.  That will be so cool. I,m also so excited about The Ghost And Mr Chicken with Don Knotts tomorrow night too.  I hear it,s a really funny movie.  I can,t wait.

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I remember that weekend, last month or this month when they aired that combo.

It wasn't exactly thrilling fare for my tastes but Rex Harrison was enjoyable enough. Bit of a slow story; but I like movies with spooky oil paintings.

In the other regard, I can't count myself at all as a fan of Don Knotts. I'm sure he's a likeable feller in person (or was) but I can usually accept him as a performer, in the guise of Andy Griffith's deputy. My loss, I'm sure.

He had a great cameo in Stanley Kramer's '64 epic; but movies where he himself is the star fall flat with me. I can't abide "Mister Limpet", and I rank it as perhaps the worst WWII film ever.

"Ghost and Mister Chicken" has some amusing moments (laugh-out-loud when the organ plays by itself scaring him witless) ...and I fully agree Knotts has deft comedy skills but I just don't enjoy watching him all that much. Just sayin'


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