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Help identifying pre/early noir film

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 I was watching TCM week and before Casablanca played, there was a discussion with three Hollywood people talking about other early film noir films. The movie I'm trying to identify was by a director they said who arrived in Hollywood in the 20s but suffered some kind of Scandal later on. They showed two clips from the movie, the first was a woman saying something to the effect of I find most men attractive and need lead replied I'm sure they meet you halfway. The second quote was him being asked if that was a gun he had on him, to which he replied no it's part of my suit and I hardly ever shoot/kill anybody with it. I had just changed phones and by the time I realized into IMDb I'd forgotten the Don't have the movie. Like I said, it was I believe early or pre Noir, and I think they said something about the dialogue being known for being very witty / snappish (see above quotes). I'm new to the boards so if this is in the wrong section I'll be happy to repost any help 

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Thank you, i appreciate that info, the blacklisting must have been the scandal they referred to.

Again. Thanks, have a great weekend,

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