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David Guercio

The Shop Around The Corner Remake

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2 minutes ago, David Guercio said:

Wasn’t there also a remake of The Shop Around The Corner or is The Shop Around The Corner a remake of a different classic Christmas movie?

The film spawned a musical remake, In the Good Old Summertime (1949), which stars Judy Garland and Van Johnson.

The 1963 Broadway musical She Loves Me was also inspired by the play and the film.

The film You've Got Mail (1998), with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, revolves around two people who dislike each other while developing an anonymous romance by email correspondence. The film uses plot elements and dialogue lines similar to the 1940 film, especially during the first date. Screen credit of You've Got Mail is given to Miklós László for Parfumerie (i.e. the play, on which the 1940 film is based), but in a nod to the earlier film, one of the protagonists of You've Got Mail owns a bookstore named "The Shop Around The Corner".

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I've always considered IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME a remake of  THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER even though it had some changes in it.  While I see YOU'VE GOT MAIL as just a modernized take on of the original play.

There's was a Broadway musical based on of the play, some years ago, called SHE LOVES ME.  There's a very nice production of that on the "Great Performances" series that's been circulating on PBS stations for the last year or so. Anyone who enjoys the story or, for that matter, just wants to compare it to the movies should find it interesting and entertaining.

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