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"Doc Savage Man of Bronze" (1975)

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George Pal produced this adaptation of Lester Dent's classic pulp novel.  The movie feels more like a pilot for a tv series than an actual film.  Pal did not have the money to pull off the period details and even the special effects are not that effective. Ron Ely is fine as Doc- he looks the part and so are the actors playing his five sidekicks .  The films tone is Batman tv camp while the action scenes are played straight. This is not a terrible movie but clearly aimed at the kid matinee audience.  Warner Brothers Archive has released in a good looking blu ray edition. There are no extras.

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Guaranteed to be a re-make someday. In fact I think its already in the works. Hollywood is desperate for more superhero properties. One wants to ask: isn't the audience ever going to outgrow this trend? But the answer is no. It'd be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic; that a nation of 300 million people are satisfied with comics. A whole generation of infantile-minded morons has grown up with big-budget superhero spectaculars and thinks nothing of it.

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