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PETER CUSHING (1913–1994) In Laurel and Hardy movie

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I was so excited the other night and laughed watching one of my favorite early childhood favorites ‘  ‘ ‘  “A Chump at Oxford” staring Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel...

To my amazement in the credits there was Peter Cushing was listed as a student in the film....It was his second film credit in his long career mostly in horror and thriller films... 

It always pleases me to find these small tidbits of early movie trivia....

To add my favorite Laurel & Hardy film short was the “ The Music Box “   Not to be missed..

‘Like the legendary Sisyphus, deliverymen Laurel and Hardy struggle to push a large crated piano up a seemingly insurmountable flight of stairs.’ “IMDb”

One of their funniest. In the Hal Roach studio flicks.     


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I would probably agree that the 'piano' sequence is the funniest ever Laurel & Hardy bit. I never quite knew the name of it; thanks for the info :)

Another one I admire is the sketch where they are sleeping in a low-ceilinged attic bedroom and trying to prepare for bed. The tall Stan, at the wash basin, repeatedly bumps his head.

And from somewhere else(?) or maybe 'Music Box'(?) Stan visits Ollie in the hospital and brings him a bag of snacks. But it turns out to be the worst choice possible for a man confined to bed: "...hard-boiled eggs and nuts" :lol:

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