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help! TV-movie about Jack Ruby, 20 years ago?

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This was an excellent portrayal of Jack Ruby, his actions over the weekend that Kennedy was assassinated.

It showed his personal life, included visits to his sister who lived in Dallas, and his emotional reactions to the Assassination.

Anyone remember the title/star of this movie?

(Totally different than the glamorous and fictional RUBY(1992) starring Danny Aiello.)


Thanks if you know!!!!

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It's older than 20 years ago, more like 40 years ago, but there's Ruby and Oswald (1978). According to Wikipedia, there aren't any other Ruby-centric films, theatrical or television.


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Check out "Executive Action" (1973) that stars Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan with screenplay by Dalton Trumbo.  There is a part focusing on Ruby.  It has not been shown often because it was somewhat controversial.  TCM showed it within the last few months.

Image result for executive action  movie 


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