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Looking for the series name of a TV episode I remember

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The year was about 1973. I thought it was Tom Bosley playing the husband and Kate Jackson playing the blind wife, but I don't find anything on imdb that matches the description of what I remember. What happens is that the wife married the husband when she was blind, then regains her sight, and is not exactly attracted to her husband now that she can see him. But she feels obligated to him for all he did when she was blind. I don't remember if this was an episode of a TV series - could be either crime or a medical series - or if it was a made for TV movie. Does anybody remember this or have any ideas? Thanks for your time.

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This is a stretch, but I wonder if you might be mixing up the preceding suggestion with the last episode of "The Sixth Sense" called "The Eyes That Wouldn't Die" where blind Kathleen Lloyd's sight is restored when she receives an eye transplant and has visions of murder from the previous owner. The "Sixth Sense" series was integrated into syndicated runs of "Night Gallery" with added introductions by Rod Serling shortly before his passing for consistency with the earlier series, and in fact those "Sixth Sense" episodes with Gary Collins as the recurring lead character are currently included among the "Night Gallery" episodes running on MeTV. Also, Tom Bosley was in the episode, and in the pilot film for "Night Gallery" he also was in the Joan Crawford segment "Eyes" directed by Steven Spielberg (aside from home movies or student films, his directorial debut) in which Tom agrees to sell his eyes for an operation that will restore Joan's sight so that he could pay back a vengeful loan shark. And I also recall Kate Jackson and Tom Bosley working together in the seventies TV movie "Death Cruise" (with the last acting appearance by Richard Long), so with a passing resemblance to Ms. Lloyd I can imagine mistaking Kate for being the one in the episode.

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