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Music-related request! I freely confess in advance that I am pulling-on-your-coat-here, to save me some leg-work.

This may sound the most abstruse 'request for info' ever, but here goes.

I need a list of any iconic late-'60s or early-'70s rock-n-roll album covers where the cover art might conceivably be something an American might actually view with his own two eyes if traveling in SE Asia at the time.

Are there any memorable LPs which feature Angkor Wat, for example? And therefore something which a tourist might have photographed himself standing near, as a jokey gesture or reference?

There's a very long lead-time on this, no rush to provide answers. But if anything occurs to you I'd be mighty grateful.

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Should the album be widely known "memorable"? I know of some fairly obscure stuff.


Well, you do say rock-n-roll.  


But here is Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (by Edgar Froese) 1975. But this is not exactly a landmark or attraction.


Ypsilon in Malaysian Pale.jpg

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Indeed. I certainly admire Froese but yeah not sure how many others might. Still this is a good start.

I'm hoping for something mega-recognizable like a Grateful Dead cover, or a Led Zeppelin cover. I was considering 'Cheap Trick Live at Buddokan' but that was several years later.

Pin Floyd too--had to investigate the location for the 'splashless diver' photo by Hipgnosis on WYWH. Nope. California rather than Asia.

Anyway thanks for the skull-sweat!

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turns out 'Houses of the Holy' was designed around Giant's Causeway, Ireland. I thought for sure that was the Plain of Jars, Laos.

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