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PRINTED cartoon serials - 'sunday comics' sections in newsprint

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Many of these have been made into movies, haven't they? It's becoming a cartoon-nation.

Oh well. Mark Trail, anyone? Beetle Bailey? Hagar the Horrible? 'B.C.'? Steve Roper & Mike Nomad? Family Circus? Andy Capp?

Your thoughts, please.

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It is worth noting the various boom periods. One occurred in the middle and late 1910s when Mutt & Jeff, Krazy Kat, the Katzenjammer Kids, Happy Hooligan and others made the cinematic transition thanks to William Randolph Hearst's International Film Service, Raoul Barré, John Bray and John Terry animation studios. Then King Features had Paramount's cartoon studio, Jack Kinney's studio, Gene Dietch working in Czechoslovakia and two other cartoon studios bring a cluster of comic strip characters, in addition to Popeye, to the television era during another five year cycle. The Beetle Bailey cartoons of 1961-63 are not too bad although the animation is limited.

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