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freakin weird ... oscars on the way down ... way down and gone ...

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I'm recording less and less on my DVD / VCR's. Fat chance Hollywood ever be great again. :(

One good thing, that function should last a long time.


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Funny but liberals have been making the same BS point about Hollywood and making it better.

Of course the topics they are interested in are different but to me their anger is misplaced (like it is here with conservatives).

E.g.  regarding blackface and racism in Hollywood films;   activists wrote to the L.A. Times complaining that Hollywood must do more to undo the racism they created with blackface.   Nonsense!   

Hollywood (American films really),  was at the forefront of highlighting the evils of racism.  Note that while one activist pointed out the 'bad' films (e.g. Birth of a Nation,   etc...),  someone else wrote a letter to the editor pointing out just some of the 'good' films (e.g.  No Way Out,  Gentlemen s  Agreement,  To Kill a Mockingbird etc...).

To me BOTH SIDES act like snowflakes.   

I mean to be upset because a man decides to wear a dress (as a form of protest against narrowly defined gender roles) OR to be upset about use of blackface in films done decades ago,,,,,;   Grow up and stop being a snowflake.

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