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"Mighty whitey; mellow yellow:" Study purports to be first "data-driven" analysis of stereotypes in Hollywood films from the 40's to the 2000's

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Treat all 'sensational studies' like this with caution and reserve. Always ask, "what is it proving?", "who has a stake in the results?", and that's even before you consider, "What methodology did they choose?". Or, "What bias do they incorporate into the design of their study?" A colossal amount of statistical studies are poorly-designed but nonetheless still reach the public ear.

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@Sgt_Markoff -

Agreed.  Anything along these lines needs to be treated critically and, at least initially, with skepticism.

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It feels like a medieval market town these days, doesn't it? Seems like anyone can come wandering in from the countryside, spread some rumor or calumny, and all of a sudden we got pitchforks and torches being passed out to the menfolk.

But anyway it is a thought-provoking article you posted--I'm glad you alerted us to it--after all, its better to know about these studies and have a chance to read up on them, before some college kid slaps it in ya face like a wet fish.

Here's another handy example of frivolous science

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