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Editorialist Decries Alleged Academy Political Blacklisting; Praises TCM

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“Here is TCM’s annual In Memoriam tribute, which has never engaged in blacklisting. Naturally, Ermey receives his due:

"P.S. Forget about the politics for a moment and just compare the Oscar tribute to the TCM tribute — look at the quality of the work, which one is the most moving and compelling. How is it that a cable network simply blows away the Motion Picture Academy every year?

The Academy has access to the finest editors in the world, and their In Memoriam segment is bland, lifeless, hollow-eyed, and dull. Meanwhile, year after year after year, TCM wrenches our hearts.

The Oscars are broken forever.”



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Thanks. I'm glad you chimed in.

Pithy remarks in the David Mamet book I just finished. On the topic of media:

"What kind of right-thinking individual would spend hours --hours --every evening viewing advertisements? Is it not clear that any product which must spend a fortune drawing attention to itself is probably not one we need?"

"...(when watching a sunset) How often have we said to a loved one, 'Wish you were here to share it with me'. But we never say this about a television program."

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My take-away from this was that the Oscars had done a poor job (certainly compared to TCM) in their “In Memoriam” segment.  I happen to agree with that assessment.   The writer was also apparently miffed that Lee Earmy was omitted from the Oscar’s tribute for – what the author alleges – are “political reasons.”  I have no idea if this is true or not. 

 Even TCM fans like ourselves will occasionally be asking the question:  “Why was so-in-so not featured in an end-of-year tribute ?”   It could be for any number of reasons. 

As for this coming from Brietbart, I only post stuff for informational purposes even – and sometimes especially – if it is controversial to let folks know what's out there.  As for Wikipedia, I don't trust them either.  I also choose my battles carefully.   I don’t consider this a hill worth dying on.  ;)


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