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I finally wrote about what it was like winning the first TCM Backlot tour of TCM's Atlanta studios! My blog Spellbound by Movies is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and my first retrospective post had to be about that little trip which has had a huge impact on my life. Read all about it here:

10 Years of Being Spellbound: Winning that TCM Backlot Tour


Beth Ann


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Thanks so much for the behind-the-scenes look!

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On 3/8/2019 at 12:56 PM, MovieCollectorOH said:

Very nice look at the inside!  There is much behind the scenes that is unknown, especially in the last 5-10 years.

Thanks, MovieCollectorOH! It was a lot of fun seeing how behind the scenes worked.

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I like your lanyard with all the pins on it. I collect pins, too, but sadly I don't have any which are film related! 😕

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What first caught my eye Beth Ann, was Rio Vista. I've traveled it a number of times and remember the original draw bridges over the river. I don't know the town, but do know the highway.

Aside from the obvious, you are pretty to look at and listen to, I was quite taken by your wave to the camera. That is as genuine as anything to ever take place on TCM.

While I like the Backlot promo you are in, I'd like to see longer projects made to fill time between movies. I wonder if TCM had any idea just how big this would become?

Thanks for the link to your blog and congratulations on 10 years, plus the trip to Atlanta.

I'll be you are famous back at home.

My personal opinion here. Ben should get a massive motor home. Put a tiny studio inside. Travel the states and film segments with the TCM Backlot fans.

I also think "Rob On The Road" should do a story about you. The show, for people who don't live in the area, is on KVIE 6 PBS. Rob does a 30 minute show, traveling parts of California. The station is in Sacramento, but shows expand beyond what is local.

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