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I think I'm having trouble coming up with examples to add to this thread simply because there are too many to mention! It seems like the extreme popularity of most of the really big stars is a bit lost on me. Really- how can anyone get that studio-era-star reverence and NOT be a bit overrated? I don't know if anyone can live up to that kind of legend!

However, one person who I've always been rather baffled over the success of is Raymond Burr. I have more grounds to pick on him because screen villains are my favorites, and he pretty much cornered the market on heavies during the studio era. He got every bad guy role there was to get, and I'm yet to be impressed by his performance in any of them. He was... fine... a bit understated for my taste... but just being fine shouldn't be enough to warrant the monopoly he had on the field. When I think of all the great menacing actors who never got a really great role in their whole careers... Couldn't he have just given half of his roles to Jack La Rue? Is that asking too much?

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On 5/8/2019 at 7:41 AM, Cinemartian said:

I'd have to say Norma Shearer - I had to google her name I forgot it- I just don't find her very appealing nor important.

I think this is an exceptionally apt choice, good sir.

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