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What Was the Y2K Scare?

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What Was the Y2K Scare?

The Y2K Scare was a phenomenon at the turn of the 21st century where computer users and programmers feared that computers would stop working on December 31, 1999. The phenomenon was also referred to as the "Millennium Bug" or "Year 2000 problem" by technology experts. A lot of planning went into preparing for the ‘Millennium Bug.' In fact, the scare led governments and private organizations to spend millions of dollars in an attempt to avert the risk.


In the 1960s and 1970s, when computer engineers worked on complex computer programs, they used two-digit codes to represent the year. The first two digits were left out. For example, instead of coding "1960", they just used "60". The main reason for leaving out the first two digits was to save on storage space which was too costly. For instance, a kilobyte of storage went for as high as US$100. Additionally, the programmers did not expect the programs to last up to the turn of the century. When the new Millennium neared, computer experts realized that the software would recognize "00" as 1900 instead of the year 2000. This realization posed a risk to many institutions such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and government departments that relied on computers to provide accurate time and date.

As the calendar approached the year 2000, anxiety spread across the world as people feared that computer systems would shut down. Banking institutions which relied on software programs to calculate daily interest were at risk of system failure. As a result, stock prices of banking institutions dropped in value as the year 2000 neared. Transport systems were also affected especially in the airline business whose operations depend on accurate time and date. There were rumors that planes would drop from the sky when clocks turned to midnight on 31st Dec 1999. This led travelers to avoid the airport on New Year’s Eve. Hospitals, power plants, and government organizations were not spared from the threats either.


This was a scam like global warming that was created by "experts" to get everyone to buy new computers.

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I had strange things to happened regarding Y2K. My Direct Access menu software on my MS-DOS system shows a different day of the week (it's Monday instead of Sunday) even though the day is the same. Had to set year to 1991 which also avoid conflicts with my X10 system.  Don't have to set to present year unless using some date sensitive software.

On this computer, the 1990's Willow Pond Media Rack's clock says...Good afternoon the time is 1:47 pm, the day is Sunday May 26, 20 Monday 9.



What a disaster. :lol:

Something not Y2K related, had an issue with the Accurite Weather Station back in 2017, wouldn't show the correct moon phases on the ticker even though its a mid 2010's device.  Problem resolved after turning over to 2018.


Used in conjunction with the Heathkit ID-5001 which had no Y2k issues.

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Oh don't forget the 2012 scare.



Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, I fooled you.



Mayan's invented the first silly emoji. :P

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