Kid Boots (1926) - Odd Question about a golf club

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I know this is a very odd question but I have a golf club that was my grandmothers.  It has the following labels imprinted on the golf head:  SEPTEM NIBLICK Kid Boots

I know that Niblick is the type of club.  But I can find no indication about what Kid Boots is to be imprinted on this club. 

I was wondering if by chance this could be something created for the movie Kid Boots. The movie is the only thing I can find that would link golf to Kid Boots.  

I have no idea how my grandmother got this golf club.  





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that's interesting..too bad there's no date on the club.  Kid Boots was originally a Broadway musical about a golfer, set in Palm Beach (also starring Eddie Cantor)..maybe the clubs were gifts to the crew, or cast?  Since the play and film are about golf, it makes sense that there's a connection.

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