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A 20th Century Fox Retrospective Scrapbook: 1982

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1982 opened with a look at prehistoric living in Quest for Fire....


Glynnis O'Connor played a woman dealing with illiteracy, a custody battle, and a new romance in Melanie.


Making Love was the tale of a man who came out of the closet, which came as quite a shock to his wife. Michael Ontkean, Harry Hamlin, and Kate Jackson starred as the central triangle, while Nancy Olson and Wendy Hiller were in the supporting cast.


Critics despised the Canadian teen raunch tale Porky's , but it didn't prevent the film from grossing over $100 million.


Subversive comedy was on the menu with the potent Eating Raoul, perhaps the first big cult film of the 80s


Dinah Manoff wanted to get into Hollywood in I Ought to Be In Pictures, much to the consternation of father Walter Matthau


Lee Grant and William Shatner went to Canada to make the horror film Visiting Hours


Al Pacino was caught between ex-wife Tuesday Weld, new romance Dyan Cannon, and children in the comedy Author! Author!


Megaforce was Fox's biggest headache of 1982.


Garry Marashall directed his first film with the comedy Young Doctors in love.


Kenny Rogers took on several children (including Diane Lane and Anthony Michael Hall) in Six Pack


The Pirate Movie was a youth take off with rock music on The Pirate of Penzance....


Armand Assante was Mike Hammer in I the Jury....


Christopher Reeve transgressed many times as he used all the underhanded tricks in the world to climb up the religious ladder in Monseigneur


national Lampoon's Class Reuynion was a flop in both ways, but it did mark the first script credit for John Hughes who would leave a big impact on youth films in the very near future.


Kirk Douglas went to Australia for the audience-pleasing western The Man from Snowy River


Curtains for another veteran. The Hot Touch, a Roger Vadim film,  was 1981 in Europe and co-starred Melvin Douglas who passed away that very year


Paul Newman had one of his very best performances in the gripping courtroom saga, The Verdict, the big Fox critical hit of 1982. Excellent script and good supporting work from James Mason, Charlotte Rampling, Jack Warden, Milo O'Shea, Julie Bovasso, and Lindsay Crouse sealed the deal. Bruce Willis was an extra in the final courtroom scene.


And Kiss Me Goodbye, was a witty comic fantasy. It wasn't profound or groundbreaking cinema, but it had charm and a fine cast Sally Field, Jeff Bridges, James Caan, Claire Trevor (her final film), Paul Dooley, and Mildred Natwick.


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Some good stuff from '82.

My Top 5:

1. MAKING LOVE...features Wendy Hiller in a supporting role.
2. MONSIGNOR...I think it's Christopher Reeve's best performance.
3. I OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES...a good Neil Simon offering.
4. THE VERDICT...Newman's great in it.
5. KISS ME GOODBYE...Caan took a five year break from movies after this one.

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I loved hearing that Melvin Douglas worked up until the year of his death. I don't know The Hot Touch and I'm not a huge Vadim fan, but I'll definitely watch if I get the opportunity. Douglas was luminous in Hud, nearly a decade earlier.

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