2014 started with a horror film, Devil's Due. Fox teamed up with Columbia for the all-star The monuments Men, involving the saving of artwork during WWII Son of God brought the story of Jesus back to the big screen. The Grand Budapest Hotel was nothing less than one of the best films of the last 25 years. Mr Peabody and Sherman was a new take on supporting characters from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Jude Law was a criminal in the dark comedy Don Hemingway. The talking birds now went to the Amazon jungle. The Other Woman followed in the footsteps of Outrageous Fortune by having multiple women discover they had all been seeing the same man and going for revenge. X-men: Days of Future Past just showed that they kept coming. Belle was the fascinating tale of the woman (well played by gugu Mbatha-Raw) who ended slavery in England. A fine supporting cast included Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, Penelope Wilton, and Miranda Richardson. The Fault in Our Stars was the teen equivalent of Love Story: Terminal but cute. (Sorry couldn't resist that line from a 1973 Mary Tyler Moore Show episode) I Origins was sci-fi with a romantic twist. How to train Your Dragon 2 was a much acclaimed animated sequel to the 2010 fantasy. the apes were back again to claim their planet. DragonBall Z was handled by Fox in theatres only. Brendan Gleeson played a priest, an ordinary decent priest, who finds that for no reason related to his own conduct, but rather that of others, he will be murdered in a week. Since this was confided in the confessional, he cannot take it to the police, and so awaits his tragic fate. Gleeson received raves. Let's Be Cops was R-rated make-believe James Gandolfini's final performance was in the crime film The Drop. The Maze Runner started another series of apocalyptic tales for teens. Gone Girl was a superdark, violent, gritty thriller involving two veryunreliable narrators. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike starred. The Book of Life was animation inspired by the Day of the Dead. More animation was in store with The Penguins of Madagascar. Birdman won Best picture. The performances were good, but.... The Pyramid was a dive into horror. Reese Witherspoon was good in the gritty Wild, as a woman determined by hiking to turn her life around. Laura Dern appeared in flashbacks as her mother. Both were Oscar-nominated. Christian Bale was Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings. The year closed with Night in the Museum: Secret of the Tomb which closed the series, the year, and the careers of Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams.