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Is anybody else having problems with what I would call “interference” when live streaming movies from East or West feeds...??? It’s not a buffering problem, as the stream of the films doesn’t pause or get interrupted, nor does the screen go dark or blank. What DOES happen is I get an intermittent, horizontal band of blocks of scrambled, large “pixilated reception”.  If it’s a black & white film, the blocks are that. If the film is in color, the band has multicolored blocks.

I just watched Butterfield 8 on the Eastern live stream and the interference was very frequent with the spasms occurring sometimes 3 to 5 times a minute. I’m now watching This Woman is Dangerous & the spasms are less frequent but equally distracting & annoying.

I’m watching on an iPad Pro and have the same problem when watching with high -speed WiFi from my cable company & with Sprint cellular data.  The problem occurs with both types of service.  When I tune in with my iPhone 6 AND my iPad Pro to the same stream & have them both going simultaneously & in sync but with one on the cable company WiFi & the other on cellular data, the interference occurs at the exact same time & positioned in the same exact place on the respective screens. 

Other streaming services like Netflix & Hulu or cable To-Go like HBOGo do not have the same interference issues.

I’m not sure how long the problem has been happening, but I began noticing it happening with distracting frequency in the last 2 weeks. It could have been happening longer, but if it was only an occasional interference, it wasn’t bad enough to make me want to find a fix for the problem.

Anybody having this problem?  Anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!!!

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This is going to sound strange but that problem seems to occur more during bad weather. I have no idea how TCM is delivered to streaming services, but maybe somewhere along the line the feed is handled by satellites. I remember having this problem years ago when I received TCM via TW Cable. Just a guess.

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