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Richard Barthelmess in JUST SUPPOSE and THE DROP KICK

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Two more Barthelmess films.


In *Just Suppose* Barthelmess plays a runaway prince chasing after pretty Lois Moran in New York City until he finds out his father and older brother have died and he is to be king. Pleasant little film.


In *The Drop Kick,* Barthelmess plays a college football star who is vaguely interested in Barbara Kent until he gets trapped in the clutches of slutty Eunice (Dorothy Revier). But mother (Hedda Hopper) to the rescue just in time for "the big game." Barthlemess isn't terribly convincing as a football star, but he's a terrific actor. My copy is tinted red throughout, the music is horrible, a few glitches from the VHS transfer. But I believe this is on DVD because John Wayne plays a football player as he did in *Brown of Harvard.* I never spotted him in either film.

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How did you obtain copies of these rare films? I would love to watch them. You know, I've been wanting to watch the Enchanted Cottage for a long time, so I've gotten all of my friends to vote on this site to have it released on DVD. Hope others would do the same.

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I have a copy of THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE, but have never watched it. Ed, has though. Not many May McAvoy films are around.


What else are you looking for? I have over 800 Silent features, and at least 70% of them will probably never be released on official DVD.

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gagman, how bout the patent leather kid, soul fire, bright shawl...really anything very obscure w/ Richard Bart in it would be a treat. Ah, that depresses me, the fact that these will never see light of day...

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THE PATENT LEATHER KID (First National, 1927) Original Road Show edition in 35 Millimeter was fully restored just a few years ago. I know a couple people who saw some live screenings. I don't know what Warner's plans are for the movie right now? They currently hold the rights. Yeah, I have a poor copy on two DVD-R's made from an 8 Millimeter dupe.




I think I have copies of the all the other Barthelmess titles you mentioned. They very in print quality from film to film. SHORE LEAVE looks pretty good.

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Nice cover.


I'm waiting for shore leave to arrive at the library via interloan any day see i'm going over to a different county to access their somewhat larger collection.


gag, how'd you come across all these films? must've been hard work. you're a lucky man nonetheless.

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Many Richard Barthelmess films are around. I liked *Shore Leave* as well. *The Enchanted Cottage* is excellent as is *The Patent Leather Kid.* The trouble with all these, as well as *Just Suppose, Soul Fire, The Drop Kick,* etc. is that the print quality is often not very good. I have a few others I haven't watched yet like *The Idol Dancer, The Love Flower, Ranson's Folly.*


*The Bright Shawl* may only exist in an archive somewhere. *The Noose* (another Oscar nomination) is probably lost. Most of Barthelmess' talkies exist.


I think he was probably the most versatile of the major male stars of the silent era.

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Jeff. *The Enchanted Cottage* is another one you should watch even though it's a lousy copy. Richard Barthelmess and May McAvoy are quite excellent.


One of Barthelmess' great gifts was that he tended to work with terrific actresses like Lillian Gish, Betty Compson, Bessie Love, May McAvoy, Dorothy Mackaill, Dorothy Revier, Mary Astor, Helen Chandler, and others.


Have you watched *Scarlet Days* yet?

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Yes I got the list.... very interesting. Do you have lists like this for the other major studios?


*Scarlet Days* is a very interesting Griffith film with Richard Barthelmess as Alvarez, a sort of local Robin Hood in in the old West. Griffith originally wanted to use Rudolph Valentino but changed his mind at the last minute, thinking women wouldn't like him because he was too ethnic!


Leading ladies are Carol Dempster and the tragic Clarine Seymour. And then there's Eugenie Besserer (who I loved in *The Circle* ) as saloon hall Rosie. This is also an early role for Ralph Graves as the kid from Virginia looking for gold.


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Most of his First National/Warners talkies exist.... and most of the ones I've seen have been very good.


*Heroes for Sale, The Last Flight, The Dawn Patrol, Four Hours to Kill* are all excellent.

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I just double checked my copy of The Drop Kick, which I purchased from The Great Lakes Cinephile Society. The print is very nice, no red tint, with a live organ accompaniment, recorded at one of their conventions when they still held Cinesation in Michigan. They have this and several other films available for sale here:


I am not affiliated with them, but have enjoyed attending Cinesations for the past few years in Massillon, OH, and would encourage anyone who loves silent films to make the trip. It's a pleasure to see so many wonderful old movies in a theater setting with live accompaniment. Check out the schedule of films here:


How about Richard Barthelmess for SOTM sometime? TCM has shown plenty of his films, and I'd say he deserves a month much more than, say, Stewart Granger!

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I have a few DVD-R's from those guys, but was not aware they offered THE DROP KICK. Thanks for the information. My copy could use an upgrade.


Richard Barthelmess for Star of The Month is very remote. We haven't even gotten John Gilbert as Star of the Month yet. It's nice to see Marion Davies having a whole 24 hours on Monday. But it would have been even better if they had at least one Silent feature premier scheduled for the event.

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I've bought a few from them, notable *A Pair of Silk Stockings,* but didn't know they had *The Drop Kick.* I'll check it out. I have another copy coming from another seller to compare with my copy. Mine was a VHS originally but it wasn't from Grapevine. No idea where I got it....

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Yeah, in the last release of Forbidden Hollywood films they didn't even bother mentioning Richard's name in the commercial they ran on TCM, even when his face flashed on the screen in *Heroes for Sale*. I confess I was more than slightly annoyed. They all seem to forget what a huge star he was.

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Richard Barthelmess for Star of the Month, or at least a day-long tribute, perhaps on his birthday, would be well-deserved and long over-due.

Some other Barthelmess movies TCM has that they don't run often enough are "Weary River" (1929) and "Massacre" (1934). Ironically, it seems the Barthelmess film they run the most often is not even a Warner Bros. picture, but the Columbia movie "Only Angels Have Wings" (1939).

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Never seen *Massacre,* but TCM has run *Weary River* now and then, a film that almost ended Barthelmess' talkie career because the ads claimed he did his own singing (he did not). His follow-up film, *Drag,* boasted ads in which he personally vouched he did all his own voice work.

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I liked MASSACRE, I found it unusual for its time in that the story involved the plight of native Americans at the hands of corrupt whites. Something that was not common in films of the "golden age". Casting Richard Barthelemss as a Lakota does seem it bit strange 75 years later, but such were the ways of Hollywood at the time.

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It wasn't as trite as The Lash or as dull as Spy of Napoleon but it was a lackluster film in my view and I just didn't care about the romance between Richard and Ann at all. There was nothing special there. Dull. Also, Richard's eye problems were very evident in the film. Those bags he developed under his eyes, apparently from plastic surgery that went badly for him.


In my opinion Richard's best talkies (in order) are:


1) Heroes for Sale

2) The Last Flight

3) Central Airport

4) The Dawn Patrol aka Flight Commander

5) Midnight Alibi

6) The Finger Points

7) Only Angels Have Wings

8) Son of the Gods

9) Weary River

10) Cabin in the Cotton

11) A Modern Hero

12) Four Hours To Kill


Pretty much all the others were disappointing to me in some way. Either they didn't give him enough screen time or the plots were on the dull or silly side. For instance I liked Alias the Doctor at first but then it turned rather far fetched and ludicrous.

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I don't have a list of all of his surviving films. But I do have this list of all known surviving Universal Silents. There are allot more of them than one would suspect. I would like to find a complete listing of surviving First National titles.


The Universal list is from 2000. Several Laura La Plante features are in here. Also BACK TO GOD'S COUNTRY (1927) with Renee Adoree.



> 13 Washington Square 28

> 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 16

> Alias the Deacon 28

> All Night 18

> Back to God's Country 27

> Back Trail, The 24

> Barriers of Society 16

> Beautiful Cheat, The 26

> Behind the Curtain 24

> Blazing Days 27

> Blind Husbands 19

> Blue Streak McCoy 20

> Border Sheriff, The 26

> Bread 18

> Buck Privates 28

> Buckaroo Kid, The 26

> Butterfly 24

> Calgary Stampede, The 25

> California Straight Ahead 25

> Cat and the Canary, The 27

> Chapter in Her Life, A 23

> Charlatan, The 29

> Cheerful Fraud, The 27

> Chip of the Flying U 26

> Claw, The 27

> Cloud Dodger, The 28

> Cohens and the Kellys in Paris, The 28

> Cohens and the Kellys, The 26

> Combat, The 26

> Conflict, The 21

> Crooked Alley 23

> Damon and Pythias 14

> Dead Game 23

> Delicious Little Devil, The 19

> Devil's Pit, The a/Under the Southern Cross 30

> Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande 23

> Drifting 23

> Dumb Girl of Portici, The 16

> End of the Rainbow, The 16

> Exquisite Thief, The 19

> Family Secret, The 24

> Fangs of Destiny 27

> Fast Worker, The 24

> Fatherhood 15

> Field of Honor, The 17

> Fifth Avenue Models 25

> Fighting Fury 24

> Finders Keepers 28

> Fire Flingers, The 19

> Folly of Desire, The 16

> Foolish Wives 22

> Fourth Commandment, The 27

> Fox, The 21

> Freedom of the Press 28

> Gate Crasher, The 28

> Girl on the Barge, The 29

> Gloriana 16

> Goose Woman, The 25

> Grasp of Greed, The 16

> Guardians of the Wild 28

> Gun Fightin' Gentleman, A 19

> Head Winds 25

> Heart of Humanity, The 19

> Hell Bent 18

> Her Big Night a/Local Girl Makes Good 26

> Her Soul's Inspiration 17

> Hero for a Night, A 27

> His Lucky Day 29

> His Mystery Girl 23

> His People 25

> Hit and Run 24

> Home James 28

> Homemaker, The 25

> Hoofbeats of Vengeance 28

> How to Handle Women 28

> Human Hearts 22

> Hunchback of Notre Dame, The 23

> I'll Show You the Town 25

> Ice Flood, The 26

> If My Country Should Call 16

> Iron Hand, The 16

> It Can Be Done 29

> Ivanhoe 13

> Jazz Mad 28

> Kentucky Derby, The 22

> King of the Rodeo 29

> Lasca--Down by the Rio Grande 19

> Last Performance, The 29

> Last Warning, The 28

> Little Miss Nobody 17

> Little Orphan, The 17

> Lonesome 28

> Lorraine of the Lions 25

> Love Aflame 17

> Love Me and the World is Mine 28

> Love Trap, The 29

> Mad Whirl, The 25

> Madcap, The 16

> Man in Blue, The 25

> Man in the Moonlight, The 19

> Man Under Cover, The 22

> Man Who Laughs, The 28

> Marriage Clause, The 26

> Marriage Lie, The 18

> Merry-Go-Round 23

> Michigan Kid, The 28

> Midnight Sun, The 26

> Millionaire, The 21

> Mrs. Plum's Pudding 15

> My Old Dutch 26

> Mysterious Mrs. M, The 17

> Neptune's Daughter 14

> Night Bird, The 28

> No Woman Knows 21

> Oh, Doctor! 25

> One Wonderful Night 22

> Outside the Law 21

> Overland Red 20

> Paid in Advance 19

> Phantom Bullet, The 26

> Phantom Flyer, The 28

> Phantom of the Opera, The 25

> Pink Tights 20

> Place Beyond the Winds, The 16

> Poker Faces 26

> Prairie King, The 27

> Price of Pleasure, The 25

> Primrose Path, The 15

> Princess Virtue 17

> Raggedy Queen, The 17

> Reckless Age, The 24

> Rose of Paris, The 24

> Scandal 29

> Scandal a/Scandal Mongers 15

> Scarlet Car, The 17

> Sea Flower, The 18

> Secret Man, The 17

> Seekers, The 16

> Sensation Seekers 27

> Shakedown, The 29

> Shark Master, The 21

> Shield of Honor, The 28

> Shock, The 23

> Shoes 16

> Show Boat 29

> Signal Tower, The 24

> Silk Stockings 27

> Silks and Saddles a/Thoroughbreds 29

> Skinner's Dress Suit 26

> Smilin' Guns 29

> Smouldering Fires 25

> Social Bucaneer, The 16

> Soul for Sale, A 17

> Spangles 26

> Spook Ranch 25

> Sporting Life 25

> Sporting Youth 24

> Spotted Lily, The 17

> Stella Maris 25

> Stolen Ranch, The 26

> Storm, The 22

> Straight Shootin' 27

> Straight Shooting 17

> Surrender 28

> Texas Streak, The 26

> That's My Daddy 28

> Tornado 24

> Traffic in Souls 13

> Trap, The 22

> Turmoil, The 24

> Unattainable, The 16

> Uncle Tom's Cabin 27

> Under Two Flags 22

> Untameable, The 23

> Up the Ladder 25

> Virgin of Stamboul, The 20

> What Happened to Jones 26

> Where are My Children? 16

> Where Was I? 25

> Whirlpool of Destiny, The 16

> White Tiger, The 23

> Whole Town's Talking, The 26

> Wicked Darling, The 19

> Wild Beauty 27

> Wild Blood 29

> Wild Horse Stampede, The 26

> Won in the Clouds 28

> Yellow Back, The 26



> One caveat, of this list, the following are incomplete:



> End of the Rainbow, The

> Exquisite Thief, The

> Fatherhood

> Fire Flingers, The

> Folly of Desire, The

> Gloriana

> Grasp of Greed, The

> Gun Fightin' Gentleman, A

> Her Soul's Inspiration

> How to Handle Women

> Ice Flood, The

> If My Country Should Call

> Iron Hand, The

> Jazz Mad

> Little Orphan, The

> Love Aflame

> Madcap, The

> Marriage Clause, The

> Marriage Lie, The

> Mysterious Mrs. M, The

> Place Beyond the Winds, The

> Princess Virtue

> Rose of Paris, The

> Scandal a/Scandal Mongers

> Secret Man, The

> Seekers, The

> Shoes

> Smilin' Guns

> Social Bucaneer, The

> Soul for Sale, A

> Spook Ranch

> Sporting Youth

> Spotted Lily, The

> Unattainable, The

> Whirlpool of Destiny, The

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