Off the topic, well kind of who knows MADONNA lives near....

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I now people are immediately going tp pick on her, have a time she's an easy target and used to it after 38 pro years

But MADONNA (Louise) CICCONE (l958-) lives just up the street from Fox News-(which I;m certain thrills her)


Her other home now being for awhile in DUBAI  She actually purchased Alexander (Count of Monte Cristo) Dumas fmr mansion   Her love of horses is pt of it 


On Fox they often say it "O Madonna she lives just down the street"  Cannot divulge though her full address, it does take up 2 floors though

She was obviously spoken to by the feds after her inauguration day speech,. because she is incredibally political, but nada of it, especially on trump comes out of her beautiful mouth anymore.

*Sean Penn believe or not is even more political then THE QUEEN, too much for me But still ranks among our finest living actors though



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