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This seems to pop up in some other threads so I thought I would create a specific thread on it.  There may have been one earlier, but can't find it.

I watched episode one and then episode five last night.  Ep. one had way too much information.  Find it hard to believe Burns could have stretched 1933 to 1962 (3 episodes) into 330 minutes. 

Ep five covered 1963 to 1968, which actually is about when I first became aware of and appreciative of country music.  Of course this was the more "mellow" type as opposed to what came before.  Although I do like some of the music from the late 50's period; Patsy Cline for example.

I always thought that country music became more popular in the 60's as it adopted some of the music style of pop and rock music - and maybe a little Doo ****.  Of course, rock abandoned it's 1950's era styling to create hard rock.


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A fantastic interview with Ken Burns on Amanpour if you can find it.

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I sat through all episodes in chronological order when it aired on PBS a couple of weeks or so ago.  I'm not necessarily a country music "fan", but did like several tunes in the genre over the years(incidentally kid; I became aware of the genre in the later '50's, before I could even read!) and as I'm also a history buff, I find most documentaries that present the history of anything specific to be interesting.  And if you liked this one, you might wish to check out Ken Burns' JAZZ documentary.  But this one was done very well and very interesting too.


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