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Kid Dabb

Hot Rods to Hell (1967)

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I liked these movies for the hot rods. Their use of what were some of Hollywood's biggest stars in a "has been" B-movie fashion has always weirded me out. Dana Andrews not so much, but Jeanne Crain.. I mean.. Then they threw in Mickey Rooney Jr. and his Combo for good measure. These were the days when every son of every movie star had their own band and were being slipped into just about every hormone crazed teen movie at the time.


Wiki sez this was originally produced for television but was considered too intense so it was released in theaters. That's strange, because I saw this on TV around 1967-1968. That didn't take long. It was right after we'd gotten our first color tv and some station aired nothing but hot rod movies all afternoon. Of course, I had no way to record the video back then but I did have a small tape recorder I used to capture the audio. It was fun to listen back.


The second half of this vid is Hot Rods to Hell (1967), which begins at 2:06 into the clip.






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