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Shout Factory attacks Roger Corman

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Not sure if there's a post on this but Shout Factory is releasing some Corman classics

*Piranha (2 disc DVD AND a Bluray)*

*Humanoids from the Deep (widescreen maybe uncut)*

*Demon of Paradise/Up from the Depths double feature*

I for one am happy to see all new releases for these titles & Shout has done a lot of great work lately. Lets hope they release older Corman movies or re-release DVDs that some fans missed the first time..these are all coming out in April

I prefer the former...someone release It Conquered the World and Not of this Earth already sheesh


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Upon learning this a few days ago, I was curious as to whether they have access to two particular flicks a lot of us have been waiting to see on "official" DVD, and that's GALAXY OF TERROR and FORBIDDEN WORLD, so I emailed them. Here's my email, and their response, which sounds incredibly promising:


*I just learned you're releasing some Roger Corman Cult Classics, does this mean you have access to FORBIDDEN WORLD & GALAXY OF TERROR? They would make a great double feature, if you do.*


*Thank you for being a fan! As it happens we do have access to those films, and while I cannot as yet tell you when or how they will be released, you can expect them in 2010.*

*Sincerely, Shout Factory*

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THE BRAIN EATERS has been available in Europe for several years, and it's a terrific print. "Please just convert it to NTSC and R-1, and get it to us!"


NAVY VS. NIGHT MONSTERS? Another great poster - as they all are - although none of these are terrific films.


IT CONQUERED's poster is terrific. A sheer negligee covers Lee Van Cleef's babe of a wife. Apparently, she's wearing this and some undies, decides to go for a stroll out to the alien's cave and unfortunately stumbles just as the giant foam-rubber enshrouded beast appears.


She obviously escaped during that trek, only to return more sensibly clothed and armed with Macauley Culkin's weapon-of-choice when he's home alone, a hand-held blow-torch.


I keep wishing that, when those babes are posing for various poster artists, they'd remember aliens and monsters seem to be most provoked by their various states of undress. Women Of Earth - PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Our planet gets attacked and whole cities destroyed because some lovely Earth woman is dressed only in a towel when some random poster-artist starts drawing her, and all those creatures conveniently appear. PLEASE - Women Of Earth! Be careful!


I also note that later filmmakers refused to let Lee Van Cleef near any modern electronics or radios. I think that's wise. The first time he has a shot at a ham radio, he serves up Earth like he's one of Hitler's Bush family bankers! "From now on, you're in the Old West and you're stuck with six-shooters." Good choice.

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