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"4 for Texas" (1963)

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So, rounding up my reviews of the main four Rat Pack movies, I'd like to share some thoughts about 4 for Texas, which stars Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.


This is a fun movie, although in some ways I wonder whether some would consider it much of a Western. Replace the riverboat casino in the Mississippi for something in Las Vegas, and you realize that the movie could almost have been set anywhere, any time, as long as there were casinos out in the open.


However it's kind of fun to see Frank and Dino in western gear, and they have given some good parts to Anita Ekberg and Ursula Andress, who are here probably as much for the gents' visual entertainment as anything else.


I read recently that Peter Lawford was to have a part in this movie, but that his role was written out after his falling out with Sinatra. It might have been nice to see him here, but his absence isn't nearly as conspicuous as it is, imho, in Robin and the 7 Hoods, where his original part went to Bing Crosby.


With good supporting turns by Charles Bronson and Victor Buono, 4 for Texas is good, undemanding entertainment.

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Got a few screencaps from this fun Rat Pack western:






The movie opens on an exciting note with a failed attempt to hold up the wagon that Frank and Dino are riding.




That doesn't keep Dino's character from turning on Zach Thomas (Frank Sinatra).




But Zach doesn't waste any time trying to talk Joe (Dino) from becoming his business partner in a little project in which he's planning to invest the $100,000.




It doesn't take long for Zach to get the upper hand....




But this time, it's going to be Joe who gets the upper hand.

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